NJ Suspended License

Suspended LicenseHave you considered the cost of losing your driver's license for an extended period of time? For example, a 90 day suspension of your driving privilege could have a major negative impact on your life. You may lose your job or be forced to pay for 12 weeks of daily transportation to and from work. In addition, your insurance premiums may increase after your scheduled license suspension. And if you are charged with Driving While Suspended during your DMV suspension period, you may face an additional 6 month driver's license suspension, expensive fines, years of New Jersey DMV surcharges, and for multiple offenders, even a jail sentence.

If you recently received a Scheduled Suspension Notice from the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission, or NJ DMV, you now face a potential loss of your driving privilege for an extended period of time. But your NJ DMV scheduled suspension does not necessarily mean that your license must be suspended on the scheduled date. Or for the scheduled number of days. Or for any time at all. Because you do not do not have to accept the NJ DMV's scheduled suspension of your license.

The NJ DMV will automatically suspend your license on your scheduled suspension date unless you are legally entitled to a NJ DMV hearing to oppose your license suspension. You have the right to hire an attorney and "request a hearing" to fight the NJ DMV proposed suspension of your license. Do not fight the NJ DMV alone and "request a hearing" now.

Thomas Carroll Blauvelt, LLC has appeared at many NJ DMV hearings for New Jersey drivers who faced a scheduled license suspension just like yours. We have successfully argued that our clients were legally entitled to a NJ DMV license suspension hearing and a reduction or elimination of their scheduled license suspension. In your case, we may be able to postpone, greatly reduce, or even eliminate your NJ DMV scheduled license suspension.

Prior case results for Thomas Carroll Blauvelt, LLC NJ DMV hearings are:*

Granted NJ DMV hearings;

Postponed NJ DMV license suspension for many months;

Eliminated entire 180 day NJ DMV license suspension period;

Eliminated entire 90 day NJ DMV license suspension period;

Reduced 600 day NJ DMV license suspension period to 90 days;

Reduced 360 day NJ DMV license suspension period to 45 days;

Reduced 180 day NJ DMV license suspension period to 10 days;

Reduced 90 day NJ DMV license suspension period to 15 days;

Reduced 60 day NJ DMV license suspension period to 10 days;

Removal from NJ DMV's probationary driver program.

*The above case results are some individual results and do not guarantee the results of any future matters.

Don't risk losing your license to the NJ DMV. Thomas Carroll Blauvelt, LLC can help you. We are an aggressive law firm for individuals who are threatened with a NJ DMV scheduled suspension of their license.

When you compare the financial burdens and penalties associated with losing your license to the cost to retain an experienced law firm to fight the NJ DMV, the answer is simple...hiring Thomas Carroll Blauvelt, LLC is very reasonable, effective, and may keep you on the road.

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